Adidas Addiction Redux

As the sun still shines in Vegas and my Adidas addiction continues, I bring you a post about creating style dichotomies in the same outfit.  I’m talking about putting together different pieces that are at once formal and informal and achieving a style balance that works.

This studded hi-low leather skirt is a bold statement piece that has a fluid, theatrical flair to it. In order to wear it out, there are two options in the little Britten style universe: dress it up or dress it down.

Dressing it up requires matching the skirt’s formality and theatricality with the rest of the outfit, whilst also finding a  dressy venue at which to wear it.  This a fun option but does require some effort and style bravado.  Dressing it down, on the other hand, is easy.  Simply pair it with something informal like a cotton t-shirt or jersey sweater, heels or high-tops, (even make-up can be dispensed with, if you dare!) and style balance is achieved.  Amen.







Leather skirt (old),  Adidas Originals T-shirt, BCBG red heels

Photography by Christopher Michael Photography


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