Red Hats and Shoes and Shoulder Raccoons

In case you were worried, it’s not real! The raccoon on my shoulder is only a fake but he’s totally adorbs and super friendly.  His name is Rocky.

This sweater and stripy turtleneck (which you’ve seen before in my post ‘Fashionably Breaking and Entering’) are from one of my favorite french designers, Sonia Rykiel. She’s been called ‘Queen of the knits’ and here you can see why.  Her clothing can be whimsical and interesting but it’s also comfortingly practical.  The sweater and turtleneck are such exquisitely fun things to just throw on in the morning but they also fit like a gem and go with anything.   Here I put them with a Marissa Webb tweed striped blazer and then to frame the whole thing, I added a pillar box red beanie and plush red heels.

Rocky the Raccoon approves.

Sonia by Sonial Rykiel Intarsia Raccoon Sweater and turtleneck (old collection), ASOS distressed Skinny Jeans (old) but similar here, Marissa Webb Travis Blazer (old collection).

Photography by Christopher Michael Photography


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Color Me Silly!

I don’t usually have an urge to dress up like a crayon, but this oversized sweatshirt from UNIF was much too bright to be ignored.  It’s so bold and simple that it requires absolutely no work to make it work, if ya know what I mean.  And that’s precisely the way I like my outfits.

In fact, what does this sweatshirt NOT have going for it? It’s oversized (no pants required), has bold color-blocking (no other colors required) and with those giant stripes and textured knit, wearing it feels like you’ve wandered into a rainbow and found a pot of colored gold.

How can you not say ‘ola to the cray in this sweater?!

UNIF Crayola sweater, Black boots (old).

Photography by Christopher Michael Photography



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Fashionably Breaking and Entering

My photographer and I fondly refer to this series of pictures as ‘Breaking and Entering’, mainly on account of the fact that we may have had to do some trespassing to get to this amazing background.  For those of you who have never been to Vegas, a festival called ‘Life is Beautiful’ takes place once a year downtown. It’s a three-day event devoted to music, food, art and ideas.  Luckily for those of us who live here, some of the art gets left behind (and enclosed behind wire fences that may be totally ineffective against acrobats).

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to bring you more outfits devoted to the recent Kenzo x H&M collaboration.  As a devotee of Kenzo’s vibrant style, I was over the moon to find some beautiful new pieces that are quintessentially Kenzo AND H&M affordable.  The collection is a pattern-heavy delight, with a dizzying array of neon stripes, tiger emblems and floral prints layered into bright sweaters, fluffy bomber jackets and structured, Kimono style dresses.

I fell in love with this quilted pinafore dress that’s at once understated and dramatic.  The full skirt gives it a seriously grown-up feel and the pinafore styling means that any top you put under it will give it a whole new look each time.   I went for a cocktail dress feel with a Sonia Rykiel striped turtleneck and red heels.  When you wear something this fun and creative and you feel this good in it, you don’t need a wall to tell you that life really is beautiful.

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What’s New Pussycat?

What can I say about this outfit, other than it was a lot of fun to put together and looks pretty sophisti-CAT-ed walking down the street going nowhere in particular?  Well, as usual,  I can say a lot.

All the pieces here work together as a triad of tie-dye, houndstooth and plaid patterns with the jacket and heels really stealing the show.  The jacket is from DOMA and is a tie-dye lamb leather made to look like acid washed denim. It’s pretty spectacular when you get close enough to see the texture.  The shoes are vintage Vivienne Westwood and were found in an LA thrift store for a bargain price (truth!).  If the jacket and shoes are framing the outfit, then the indigo t-shirt and houndstooth pencil skirt are the content blending it all together.   In fact, there’s really nothing like a good blend in an outfit to give it the most sophisticated look.  Meow.

Let this photo be a warning about the dangers of a hairstyle that is much taller than one is used to:

DOMA leather tie-dye jacket (old), California Tailor Indigo Blue T-shirt, American Apparel Pencil Skirt (old), Vivienne Westwood heels (old), Plaid clutch (old).

Photography by Christopher Michael Photography


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Reptiles & Leopards & Florals Oh My! (Part II)

In case you’ve forgotten my first ever outfit post ‘Florals and Leopards and Bags, Oh My!’ (Part I),  here’s another ode to print mixing.  This time with a giant graffiti reptile thrown in.

There is something creative and wonderful about putting together two seemingly disparate prints and finding the thematic commonality between them.  It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what holds the two things together but when you feel it, you feel it.

This little fashion love child is the result of mixing a piece of H&M’s new collaboration with Kenzo (more posts to come on this later) with something from Coach’s 1941 collection.  It’s tribal neon meets floral americana meets tiger stripes meets biker chic.  How can you possibly go wrong?

Kenzo x H&M beaded jungle print silk shirt (no longer available except on ebay), 1941 Coach floral skirt (old collection), Diesel boots (old but similar here), Kenzo x H&M clutch

Photography by CM Photography


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Say Yes to the Shirtdress

As far as closet staples are concerned,  the shirtdress is near the top of my list.  It’s a versatile, compliment-inducing kind of item:  style it with sneakers and a vest in the day or wear it with heels and a leather jacket at night.

This structured shirtdress is from clothing designer Marissa Webb.  Many of her designs play around with masculine/feminine elements and mix soft/hard edges to create interesting juxtapositions.   With its crisp tuxedo bib and long sleeves, it hints at formal business attire.  In contrast, the curved edges of the tiered shirttail hem and the waist tie-back give it a feminine feel.

Whatever the style, always say yes to the shirtdress.






Marissa Webb Long Sleeve Tuxedo Bib Shirt dress (old), Marissa Webb Black Leather Lace Up heels (old), Coach Coach Leather Icon Moto Jacket.


Photography by CM Michael Photography

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A Statement on Statement Sleeves

Given my love for anything that goes swoosh,  statement sleeves are way too much fun not to wear.   It seems that we’re having an oversized sleeve renaissance this fall and, in the little Britten style universe, this is a very good thing.

Whether it’s exaggerated bell sleeves, a cascade of ruffles or cuff tendrils that touch the floor, this is a hands-free style flourish that is easy to wear and yet a total talking point.  Pair them with classic jeans and heels and you’ll never walk the straight and narrow again.








ASOS Bell Sleeve Shirt (here in black),  Treasure & Bond ripped jeans, Urban Outfitters pink fuzzy socks, Cynthia Rowley platforms (old).

Photography by Christopher Michael Photography


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Adidas Addiction Redux

As the sun still shines in Vegas and my Adidas addiction continues, I bring you a post about creating style dichotomies in the same outfit.  I’m talking about putting together different pieces that are at once formal and informal and achieving a style balance that works.

This studded hi-low leather skirt is a bold statement piece that has a fluid, theatrical flair to it. In order to wear it out, there are two options in the little Britten style universe: dress it up or dress it down.

Dressing it up requires matching the skirt’s formality and theatricality with the rest of the outfit, whilst also finding a  dressy venue at which to wear it.  This a fun option but does require some effort and style bravado.  Dressing it down, on the other hand, is easy.  Simply pair it with something informal like a cotton t-shirt or jersey sweater, heels or high-tops, (even make-up can be dispensed with, if you dare!) and style balance is achieved.  Amen.







Leather skirt (old),  Adidas Originals T-shirt, BCBG red heels

Photography by Christopher Michael Photography


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Adidas Addiction

When did Adidas become so ridiculously cool? Somehow I missed its transition from German sportswear retailer to iconic brand and cultural mainstay.   There’s something about this brand that is just effortlessly stylish.  It perfectly balances sporty utility with street style and is instantly recognizable.  If you’ve seen any of the drool-worthy collaborations with stars like Rita Ora and Pharrell Williams, to name a few, you’ll know how Adidas is continually adding edge and innovation to the sportswear aesthetic.

It seems that Urban Outfitters has also teamed up with Adidas to create some more effortless cool.  I couldn’t resist when I came across this Adidas Originals + UO Diamond Jacquard Cropped Tee. It’s much more of a boxy cropped sweater than a tee in my opinion, and with the woven jacquard texture and 3/4 length sleeve, it has a sporty luxe feel that will easily go with both sweats and suit pants.  I paired it with some high waisted faux leather pants, my favorite platforms and big hair.








Adidas Originals + UO Diamond Jacquard Cropped Tee, High Rise Vegan Leather Pants, Lace up Oxford Platforms, Hair (model’s own).


Photography by Christopher Michael Photography


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Closet Lost and Found: #2

For the second installment in this series, I rescued this black Betsy Johnson jumpsuit (or Boiler suit in British English) from closet obscurity.  This fun, feminine all-in-one has a vintage 1940’s Rosie the Riveter ‘We Can Do It’ feel and seems to beg for the company of a well tied headscarf.  I paired it with a geometric scarf and wedges to keep the vintage vibe and added my favorite leather jacket for an all over contemporary feel.

Why don’t you rescue something from your closet today?  You can do it!








Betsy Johnson jumpsuit (old), Coach Leather moto jacket, Geometric print scarf (old but ideas here)


Photography by Christopher Michael Photography

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