Closet Lost and Found: #1

This outfit is part of a series of posts I’m calling ‘Closet Lost and Found’.  I’m talking about those poor, lonely items of clothing lost to the depths of closets everywhere, often relegated to obscurity because it’s way too much of a puzzle to work out what to put them with.

I’ve had this top since I was in my teens and I’ve always loved it.  I kept it because of its vibrant color and fancy pants mandarin collar. As part of my commitment to this series, I decided to pair it with ripped jeans and vintage colored Nike kicks.

Why not find something in your closet that you’ve neglected and see if you can give it new life?  You’ll get a whole new outfit without spending a dime.






Red mandarin top (old), Treasure & Bond Ripped Jeans, Vintage Nike Sneakers (old).


Photography by Christopher Michael Photography









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