Color Me Silly!

I don’t usually have an urge to dress up like a crayon, but this oversized sweatshirt from UNIF was much too bright to be ignored.  It’s so bold and simple that it requires absolutely no work to make it work, if ya know what I mean.  And that’s precisely the way I like my outfits.

In fact, what does this sweatshirt NOT have going for it? It’s oversized (no pants required), has bold color-blocking (no other colors required) and with those giant stripes and textured knit, wearing it feels like you’ve wandered into a rainbow and found a pot of colored gold.

How can you not say ‘ola to the cray in this sweater?!

UNIF Crayola sweater, Black boots (old).

Photography by Christopher Michael Photography



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Fashionably Breaking and Entering

My photographer and I fondly refer to this series of pictures as ‘Breaking and Entering’, mainly on account of the fact that we may have had to do some trespassing to get to this amazing background.  For those of you who have never been to Vegas, a festival called ‘Life is Beautiful’ takes place once a year downtown. It’s a three-day event devoted to music, food, art and ideas.  Luckily for those of us who live here, some of the art gets left behind (and enclosed behind wire fences that may be totally ineffective against acrobats).

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to bring you more outfits devoted to the recent Kenzo x H&M collaboration.  As a devotee of Kenzo’s vibrant style, I was over the moon to find some beautiful new pieces that are quintessentially Kenzo AND H&M affordable.  The collection is a pattern-heavy delight, with a dizzying array of neon stripes, tiger emblems and floral prints layered into bright sweaters, fluffy bomber jackets and structured, Kimono style dresses.

I fell in love with this quilted pinafore dress that’s at once understated and dramatic.  The full skirt gives it a seriously grown-up feel and the pinafore styling means that any top you put under it will give it a whole new look each time.   I went for a cocktail dress feel with a Sonia Rykiel striped turtleneck and red heels.  When you wear something this fun and creative and you feel this good in it, you don’t need a wall to tell you that life really is beautiful.

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