What’s New Pussycat?

What can I say about this outfit, other than it was a lot of fun to put together and looks pretty sophisti-CAT-ed walking down the street going nowhere in particular?  Well, as usual,  I can say a lot.

All the pieces here work together as a triad of tie-dye, houndstooth and plaid patterns with the jacket and heels really stealing the show.  The jacket is from DOMA and is a tie-dye lamb leather made to look like acid washed denim. It’s pretty spectacular when you get close enough to see the texture.  The shoes are vintage Vivienne Westwood and were found in an LA thrift store for a bargain price (truth!).  If the jacket and shoes are framing the outfit, then the indigo t-shirt and houndstooth pencil skirt are the content blending it all together.   In fact, there’s really nothing like a good blend in an outfit to give it the most sophisticated look.  Meow.

Let this photo be a warning about the dangers of a hairstyle that is much taller than one is used to:

DOMA leather tie-dye jacket (old), California Tailor Indigo Blue T-shirt, American Apparel Pencil Skirt (old), Vivienne Westwood heels (old), Plaid clutch (old).

Photography by Christopher Michael Photography


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Reptiles & Leopards & Florals Oh My! (Part II)

In case you’ve forgotten my first ever outfit post ‘Florals and Leopards and Bags, Oh My!’ (Part I),  here’s another ode to print mixing.  This time with a giant graffiti reptile thrown in.

There is something creative and wonderful about putting together two seemingly disparate prints and finding the thematic commonality between them.  It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what holds the two things together but when you feel it, you feel it.

This little fashion love child is the result of mixing a piece of H&M’s new collaboration with Kenzo (more posts to come on this later) with something from Coach’s 1941 collection.  It’s tribal neon meets floral americana meets tiger stripes meets biker chic.  How can you possibly go wrong?

Kenzo x H&M beaded jungle print silk shirt (no longer available except on ebay), 1941 Coach floral skirt (old collection), Diesel boots (old but similar here), Kenzo x H&M clutch

Photography by CM Photography


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